Home decoration ideas

home decoration ideas 2019


This 2022 we say good bye to some styles, we welcome new ones and we will continue living with those who do not want to leave (we do not want them to leave), who will accompany us for another year with updated touches. Take note.

COLORS To start with the simplest, the colors become increasingly natural in clear tones. Some trends like the millennial pink will continue with us for a while, but completely white interiors will no longer have the prominence that we have given so far giving way to dark interiors such as black kitchens, or rooms and rooms with walls in dark shades of colors like green or blue. MATERIALS The trend that uses more natural and less saturated colors involves the use of wood and natural stone or we will even include cement and concrete in view both in walls and floors as well as in tiles to decorate kitchen walls and details in the room. We will find decorative items such as vases and decorative figures made of these materials to which we will include the crystal in our list, because it turns the tinted glass to the table in traditional glasses and glass dishes.
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